What Makes Branding And Marketing Different

Unsure between the meaning of “branding” and “marketing”? Don’t worry! It is easy to confuse branding with marketing. These two terms are often used interchangeably, both in business and in everyday life. While, indeed, they are undoubtedly connected, both branding and marketing each have distinct roles and concepts. Understanding their differences is essential to keep your business rolling in the long run. 

So, what does it mean by branding? What about marketing? What makes these two terms differ from each other – and how can this two help build a profitable business? 

When you express your brand, you are branding.

Branding is the set of actions you put together to build a brand, from crafting the brand identity to emphasizing meaning and value to your brand. It can also define who you are as a company, organization, product, or service. It is also the act of showcasing your brand in order to attract your targeted audience, and turn them to become your loyal customer. 

When you post a piece of content on your social media platform, or update the content of your website, or when you place an advertisement in the market, you are branding. Even when you interact with your customers through customer service, you are branding. 

In short, branding covers everything that your brand conveys. Be it visually or verbally, branding is all about what, who, and why your brand matters.

Marketing, on the other hand, refers to the activities of promoting and selling products or services to the market.

Marketing involves finding the demanded products from the market, making promotional campaigns through advertising to attract customers, deciding the price of the products,  establishing the segmented market, and much more. 

There is more than meets the eye when we talk about marketing. As marketing is the tactics and techniques of selling a product or a service. Different marketing strategies exist and evolved over time to meet the customers’ needs. The marketing strategy includes: digital marketing, direct marketing, email marketing, viral marketing, green marketing, and guerilla marketing.

Then, how does branding differ from marketing?

Branding builds loyalty, while marketing generates action.

While it is true that driving sales is crucial for your brand to succeed, it does not necessarily keep your customers coming in. Branding can be the solution to generate a timeless connection with your customers. 

As branding is a long-term approach, it might not be the best solution for you to drive sales fast. However, branding is the best solution if you are seeking to build a positive brand sentiment and recognition. This, in turn, will foster a relationship with your customers. Your customers will always come back to you in the long run. 

Think of it simply like this: if your brand was mineral water, your branding would be the reason why people should buy your mineral water, and your marketing would be every action that you do to get your customers to purchase your mineral water. 

Branding and marketing are, certainly, two different concepts that work in harmony to determine the success of your brand. Remember, your branding is not your marketing, but when you bring branding, creativity, and strategy to the table, that’s your marketing. 

If you still find diffulties in branding and marketing your brand, using a brand consultant is the answer. Do not hesitate to reach us for a free consultation on branding and marketing.

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