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Experiential Brand Consultant which help clients to develop the brand strategy.

Our team collaborates and works passionately to your brand success.

Moreover, to share on how the people in your organization will enjoy the brand journey.

dbrandcom starts with the passion of sharing knowledge and expertise from the practitioner of brand management, marketing communication, event management, creative design, as well as online and offline multimedia.

Personal Branding is important to define person’s direction or life plan and to be succeeded on personal and career life. Often, people caught in one job without really know what they really want and what success for them. dbrandcom helps to craft their paths to ensure people enjoy and cherish their career life.

On the other hand, many companies fight for talents. It is a Talent War era, where money or facilities are not the main consideration for employees to decide their choice of work. Thus, corporations need to have robust branding strategy to attract their potential employees to join and contribute to company’s sustainability.

Through insight and five-step processes of brand development, dbrandcom will support individuals and organizations to focus on the efforts to perform at best.

We have more than 15 years of experience and contributed to companies’ successes. We have passion about people. These combinations have inspired dbrandcom to work not only on products and corporate branding but also focus on personal and employer branding.


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