Through insight and five-step processes of brand development, dbrandcom will support individuals and organizations to focus on the efforts to perform at best.


To win competition with sharp strategy. Our approach in developing brand strategy is simple yet applicable.

Brand Consultant

A brand governs how your stakeholders perceive you. We work on your company strength and design sound brand strategy. Your corporate identity is beyond design. It is about the connection between you and your target audience, consumers, investor, governments, and others.

Brand Workshop

If you think you can make your own brand, let’s collaborate by doing the brand workshop. We will provide tools to develop the brand and integrate marketing communication strategy. Nobody knows better about your aspiration, we are your partner to BRAND IT!


The best strategies are meaningless if they are not systematically executed or don’t engage at the hearts and minds of your employees. We support you to develop Integrated Marketing communication strategy. Ensuring your touch points are aligned with your target audience and your budget placement is having high impact. Sound brand strategy only works with extraordinary creative design. We work together to create story on product, corporate, retail branding and others.


Our passion is about people engagement. People passions what make strategy work. Our special module will take execution will take in to the next level. Our learning approach is unique, it will enable participants to learn new thing, motivate them self and reflect and take actions. On people engagements we works on:

If you feel your team have spend too much energy, yet the result is not what you expected, it is time to conduct this workshop. It will inspire your team to unleash their potentials, and make time to reflect and reinvent their path to success. The module will cover personal goals, work life balance and leadership.

Our focus is on how to make individual to take extra miles efforts, so it will give more value to the team, celebrate the different, and become team’s dynamic. Working together is a must and it will make our life experience richer.

Build Shared Vision. Working in a team, and cross function alignment is essential to achieve organization objectives. It is common in every organization that people experience conflicts. It is positive and can be managed. To make your team passionate about their roles, yet able to align themselves to others in the organization, please contact us.


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