Rumah BUMN


Rumah BUMN is a place for gathering, learning and developing SME’s member to become a high quality Indonesia resources,  as well as we build a platform for collaboration to shaping the Digital Economy Ecosystem to increase the capacity and capabilities of SMEs themselves. Otherways, RB is serving a data and information center for education, development and digitalization of SME’s.

Our concept role is to having sinergy in managing and creating the independence of Rumah BUMN through:

  1. SME’s development
    • Go Modern
    • Go Digital
    • Go Online
  2. SME’s class shifting
  3. Social and environement responsibility
    • Co – Working space
    • Zona Millenials

Program Overview

Online Business Clinic (Klinik Bisnis Online)

To improving the business capabilities of SME’s in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Rumah BUMN create a coaching program through online training with a business, online marketing, branding, and pandemic survival topics.

Shoutout for shoutout (SFS)

This is the implementation of creative & innovative strategies from Rumah BUMN Pertamina facilitators to promote each other's products through social media (Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook) in order to gain wider reach and increase sales results in times of pandemic.

E-learning platform

Every SME’s can access to improve their knowledge and capabilities based on syllabuses with Go-Modern, Go-Digital, and Go Online themes.

E-catalogue product

This is the creation of an exclusive digital catalog who contain a SME’s photos and also the product descriptions to increase their business potential with a wider network.

Incubation (Inkubasi)

Inkubasi program is an intensive and comprehensive training program to build the SME’s potential, to develop common business in each region based on the specified criteria.



Activating State-Owned Enterprises House (RB)


Carrying SME's


Adaptive member’s to Covid-19 who amount up to Rp6,687,511,500