Would you believe me if I told you that the number of people who go online is equivalent to 62.5% of the world’s total population? In fact, Indonesia alone is the 3rd largest internet user in Asia. Spending approximately 9 hours surfing the internet on a daily basis.

This rapid growth in technology has altered the way in which people use the internet. Not only for updating your status on your social media, but also for the way people buy their needs. Therefore, utilizing the internet to market your products is a great way to connect with such a wide audience. And digital marketing is the best answer for that!

What exactly is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing, also known as online marketing, means the act of promoting your products or services through online media channels. It can take many forms, from video marketing to ads placement on social media — digital marketing basically covers everything that involves promoting and the use of the internet. 

If you are planning to start or grow your business, digital marketing is simply the answer! 

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Whether you own a successful international business or a small home-based business, using digital marketing benefits you in many ways. Let’s check them out!

It can reach a wide audience

With digitalization, geographical barriers are almost non-existent. Posting something online means everyone can see it immediately after posting it, anytime, anywhere! This means that your content can get huge exposure. Or can be reached to new potential viewers anywhere in the world with a single click 24/7! 

Low in Cost

Digital marketing is considered less expensive than other traditional marketing strategies. Plus, you can have complete control over where and how you choose to spend your money. This is a big plus if you have just started your new business. You do not have to spend so much on advertising alone!

It’s more personalized! 

The ads and contents are personalized through the audience preferences and their actions on the internet. You can email them personalized seasonal discount codes for products they just checked on your website, getting in their head that it is best to buy from you! You can also keep them engaged by encouraging them to follow you on social media, so whenever they scroll through their feeds, they can get constant updates on your seasonal offers and new products! 

Track your conversion easily

Compared to traditional marketing, where you have to wait for a long time to evaluate your campaign’s performance, digital marketing allows you to keep track of your campaign’s performance almost immediately after you launch them, anywhere and anytime you want! There is also software such as Google Analytics, which can be used for measuring your goal on a website or a blog, and Google AdWords, which can be used to keep track of your ad performance on Google search; how many people viewed your ads and even their conversion rates! 

Raise brand awareness!

You can take advantage of social media for raising your brand awareness! Making engaging, helpful, and interesting content on social media about your product can make people pass said content to other people, spreading your brand awareness even further, or even making it the new viral product.

Channels used for Digital Marketing

Digital marketing uses different channels to interact with different clients and potential customers, such as:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the visibility of your website and web pages so that they can appear at the top of the search engine when people search for products or services related to your business. The increases in your non-paid traffic site hits, which are often referred to as “natural” or “organic” results, are more likely to grab the attention of your audiences, bringing new business to your company. 

There are a lot of factors that influence the search engine’s algorithms, such as domain-level link features, page-level keywords and contents, and query data. These factors vary from time to time to keep up and adjust with the changing user behavior.  

Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click advertising, as the name suggests, is a system where you’ll pay when someone clicks on your ads. This system also allows your business to appear on top of other companies websites. PPC advertisements also use video ads or sponsored stories to boost awareness from your audience on social media. This way, your customers can easily see your ads when they are searching for your products or services online. 

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most personal ways for your brand to communicate with your audience. You can easily inform your upcoming events or new product offering to the customers that you have opted in to receive your email updates. Just like a newsletter, email marketing maintains engagement with your customers through these emails, which can be sent weekly or monthly. 

The cost used for email marketing is considerably lower than other digital marketing channels, considering the number of reach and the advantages of having your ads directly in your customer’s inbox. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is definitely one of the best ways to promote and raise your brand’s awareness, considering people are using social media almost every single day. With social media, you can reach out to them by creating original, engaging, and even relatable content. Since social media were designed for interactions rather than selling products, you can cultivate relationships with your potential customers as you understand their needs, interests, and personas. 

Although social media marketing can help you increase sales, this marketing is more about building strong and positive relationships with your customers. Some of the top social media to promote and raise your brand’s awareness are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Content Marketing 

If you own a business or a company, there is a big chance that you already own a website. A website is a must-have tool for every business! You can use your website as a dedicated platform to educate your possible customers about your products and services. You can increase traffic to your website by delivering consistent and high-quality content, such as infographics, videos, or articles. Something to keep in mind when you want to optimize your website is to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly because the majority of people prefer to use their mobile devices nowadays.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways for your product or service to reach a huge audience is by utilizing third-party publishers or external website traffic to generate sales. This advertising model is called affiliate marketing, where you give commissions when the third-party, or affiliate, succeeded in bringing in customers. The sales can be tracked through the affiliate links given, and therefore proven that this way of marketing can help boost one’s sales and increase brand awareness. 

Are you ready?

As technology and digital media advance, the habits of customers also shift. From traditional marketing media, such as TV and radio, to a brand new digital strategy called digital marketing. Using digital marketing is a way to keep up with the dynamic of business nowadays, as it increases sales opportunities and helps build long-lasting relationships with your customers. With many channels to choose from, you can consider combining these tools to generate the results you want. 

Observe where your audiences are, and follow them there. If you are still in need of convincing that digital marketing is the right tool for your business, get in touch with us!

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