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Nowadays, building a brand has never been easier. You can even be your own boss and customize the brand as you wish. However, as exciting as it might sound, building a brand can get pretty exhausting once you realize that there’s a lot of planning and strategies involved. While it may seem a lot of work and challenging, you will be amazed at how much you can gain after setting it all up. So, if building a brand is what you have in mind,  tag along and let’s tackle this hurdle once and for all. 

Why do we have to brand?

Let’s say that you are selling coffee. Are the coffee beans your brand? Nope, that’s your product. What about a high-quality, freshly picked coffee bean from the local farmers, which can only be sold in coffee shops, that’s your brand – quality. If you are selling instant coffee available nationwide in stores next door, that is also your brand – affordability. 

You can choose how to brand your product the way you like it, but…

Here’s our guide on how to brand like a pro. 

Tip #1: Understand your brand thoroughly. 

Yes, thoroughly. Completely. Perfectly. From what your brand identity would sound like, who your brand is, and how you would showcase your brand story to your audience. You ought to brainstorm every small detail of your brand and understand your brand as a whole. 

Let’s break it down with the 5W + 1H method to help you analyse your brand. You may use our question samples to help you. 

What: What kind of business would you like to own? What is your brand goal?

Who: Who are your brand’s competitors? 

Where: Where should you place your brand? 

When: When should your customers buy or use your service? 

Why: Why should the public buy your brand? Why should the public trust your brand?

How: How many other businesses will be your direct competitors? How will your brand and branding affect the behaviour of your potential customers? 

Take all the time you need to fully think about it. It is important to make a note out of your answer so that it is easier for you to look back in the future. With all the comprehension about your brand, you should be able to compile an outline to start your business. 

Tip #2: Understand your audience thoroughly.

And again, yes, thoroughly. Completely. Perfectly. 

You should have clear information about your potential customers, from their range of age to what products or services they prefer. Analysing the market, keeping up with the latest trend, and understanding your audience helps provide better insights to fill in the gap of your product or service, while meeting your audience’s demands.

After all, why build a brand with no target audience, right? 

Tip #3: Using the right platform

With the advancement of the internet, it has become easier for people to market their brands. You can simply start with any platform to introduce your brand. 

Instagram, for example, will be a great choice to commercialise your brand. You can share pictures and videos of your products and services, engage with your audience, and reach out to different kinds of audience. The engagement rate of Instagram is proven to be more than other social media platforms. Plus, it’s free and easy to use!

However, if you fancy a more professional platform, you might need to consider having a website for your brand. Your landing page acts as your brand’s portfolio, and your potential customers can easily find you, read about you, and even reach out to you. This will then boost your brand’s credibility and trust with your customers, generating revenue for your brand.

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