We add value through Fresh Approach, Applied Strategy, for Impactful Result.

Dbrandcom starts with the passion of sharing knowledge and expertise from the practitioners of brand management, marketing communication, creative design, event production, as well as online and offline multimedia.

We have strong passion in people. Such combination has inspired dbrandcom not only to work on products and corporate branding, but also to enhance personal and employer branding. Using insights and five-step process of brand development, dbrandcom has the power to support individuals and organizations to perform at its best.

About Us

We strive to give our best creation in brand development, brand deployment, people engagement, and digital strategy using 5-step of brand journey to become a sustained leader in the industry.

LOBSTER as a work ethic dbrandcom

Our Code of Work

In doing our work, we highly value our code of conduct which we follow rigorously to deliver the best result for our clients

In dbrandcom we both value self and organization leadership, where everyone is a leader within them they should have a self direction and also help others to meet their potential by giving sense of direction

No matter  what we know that there is a positive outlook over there and we can achieve it together

Brave to take action. Can do spirit despite along the way we will learn how to do it

Strategy for flawless implementation which means anything that we do including what we do to ourselves we must know what strategy that we are going to use

Teamwork is generally understood as the willingness of a group of people to work together to achieve a common aim

Whatever things we do we always put full heart in doing things

We value progress, for whatever we do we know we do it better than yesterday

Meet The Expert

Our founder and brand strategist, Ria R Christiana, is a practitioner and consultant which specializes in Brand & Communication with 25 years professional experience. Born out of her passion about people development, Dbrandcom focuses on brand management and people development where she developed her own personal branding strategy.

dbrandcom Founder - Ria Renny Christiana

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